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Wart removal with Co2 Laser

Warts are skin imperfections, painless, of various shapes and colors. They can appear in any area of the body, and although they are more frequent in older people, they can appear at any time. There are varied opinions about warts, for many they are unsightly and for others as long as they are not visible they do not imply any problem.

However, it is advisable to treat them, not only because they are considered an aesthetic problem, but also because of the discomfort they can cause to those who have them.

With technological advances in aesthetic treatments, it is now possible to make these small skin imperfections disappear. With the help of Co2 laser it is easier and more effective to remove warts, moles and other skin imperfections

The treatment to remove warts with Co2 laser is suitable for anyone who has these imperfections in any area of the body, however before performing the procedure it is necessary to rule out that they are not malignant warts.

It is a simple and fast procedure. It is performed under local or topical anesthesia, and consists in the use of Co2 laser that removes and cauterizes the wart, in most cases there is no bleeding or scarring. This treatment does not cause damage to the surrounding tissue and does not require sutures. It is necessary that the patient attends controls after the procedure, until the complete healing of the area. This is usually very fast.

It is a procedure that rarely leaves visible scars.

In most cases patients present a level 1 pain, from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least amount of pain and 10 being the most.

The removal of warts with Co2 Laser lasts between 5 to 10 minutes each, depending on the size and thickness of the wart, however in one session several warts can be removed.

In most cases of Co2 laser wart removal, local anesthesia is used, however there are some exceptions where topical anesthesia is used.

This is an outpatient procedure, i.e. it does not require hospitalization of the patient.

Recovery depends on the type of skin the patient has, however it is always very fast, the results are immediate, many times there is redness after the procedure, which disappears with the application of the cream that the specialist will recommend if it is your case.

The recommendations after the removal of a wart with Co2 laser are the use of sunscreen on the area, not to expose the area to sunlight or UVA rays, and the application of cream on the treated area.

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