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Facial rejuvenation

Over the years the skin undergoes an aging process, not only the texture and appearance, but also internally, it is more difficult to keep it hydrated, the structure of the bones, fat and muscle changes affecting its appearance.

Facial rejuvenation aims to eliminate or treat the different alterations such as acne, vessels or spider veins on the face, wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume, among others, generating results as natural as possible. There are several techniques and procedures focused on the restoration of facial tissues such as skin, fat and muscle.

The most appropriate technique will depend on the type of skin, the alterations to be treated and the results that the patient wants to obtain. In most treatments for facial rejuvenation, volume is added to the face, filling expression lines.

Some of the procedures that can be performed are botox, hyaluronic acid volumetry, chemical peeling, laser, micropuncture, radiofrequency and carboxitherapy, as for injectable procedures, but we also find treatments with high-tech equipment. Botox is a technique that consists in the injection of botulinum toxin in the area to be treated, generating muscle relaxation and preventing muscle movement. This treatment must be applied by a specialist, since when applied inappropriately it can generate an unwanted facial expression. Another procedure that can be performed for facial rejuvenation is the volumetry with hyaluronic acid, which consists in the injection of this acid in gel of natural origin. It is important to clarify that there are several densities and that the one to be used will depend on the type of skin and the area to be treated. The chemical peeling can be done superficially, medium depth, or high. They are chemical peels to rejuvenate the skin and remove dead skin. With the superficial peeling the skin is reddened and a peeling may occur for 5 or 7 days, the medium depth is used to treat scars and finally the high depth with which better results are obtained, but the risks are also higher. You can also perform laser facial rejuvenation to seal blood vessels and remove dead skin tissue layer by layer, or microneedling treatment that aims to make the skin produce new collagen and elastin. Through a pen with micro needles controlled lesions are created to be filled with these substances generated by the body. As mentioned above, there are more procedures, which despite being non-surgical and minimally invasive treatments, have their risks if they are not applied by professionals who know and have experience with facial rejuvenation. For this reason it is necessary that when looking for a treatment, not only take into account the type of skin to choose the right one, but also that the person who is going to perform it is a suitable professional with a great sense of ethics, so that the result is optimal in all aspects.

Prices may vary depending on the procedure to be performed and the area to be treated. The costs of such treatments are between two hundred and fifty thousand pesos up to three million pesos. It is important to emphasize that the above costs include the elements used in each of the procedures, the realization, security and support of those who do them are trained professionals to perform the processes of facial rejuvenation. Let’s not forget that when performing aesthetic treatments it is better not to skimp on expenses, since sometimes for economy or speed the patient’s health is put at risk. In most cases it is the patient himself who puts his health at risk by opting for low prices. For safety reasons it is advisable that the treatments to be carried out are done in aesthetic clinics with experience and that generate tranquility to the patient, as the dermatological clinic Presenza, a trusted clinic, with experts and specialists suitable for each procedure performed, with more than twelve years of experience.

The person who is interested in starting any of the processes will have to request an appointment with the specialist, who will guide him/her from the beginning on how the treatment will be carried out. The first appointment will be made to perform a specialized medical evaluation, in order to determine the needs of each patient and thus be able to offer the different types of techniques or methods suitable for each one. After identifying the type of technique or method that is required, the professional will indicate in a clear and detailed way how the procedure will be carried out, and the number of sessions and the care to be followed by the person who will undergo the facial rejuvenation will be agreed upon. After the treatment, the specialist will formulate the creams or moisturizers needed.

It is important to make a previous medical assessment appointment in order to offer the treatment that meets the expectations of those who are going to undergo this type of process, identifying the anatomical or structural alteration of each patient. In addition to verifying whether or not the patient is suitable for the procedure. During the treatment it is necessary that the patient follows the recommendations given by the specialist to the letter, because even though facial rejuvenation is not very invasive and non-surgical, some indications will be given to obtain the best and most natural results. After the procedure is performed, the instructions of the professional must be taken into account, such as avoiding direct exposure to the sun during the first days, not massaging the area of application, not going to Turkish baths or saunas. In many cases, the patient is recommended to apply sunscreen permanently, or a special cream or moisturizing products depending on the type of skin or procedure. There are very few contraindications for facial rejuvenation procedures, however it is recommended that they not be performed on pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding, or women with any type of recent skin infection or allergy.

  • Non-surgical procedures
  • Slightly invasive
  • Tolerable
  • Do not require disability
  • They are very effective
  • Results are as natural as possible
  • Can be performed at any time
  • Very little bruising
  • Instant visible results
  • If it is not performed by a qualified professional, risks may be run.
  • If the indications are not followed, undesired results may be obtained.

As time goes by, the whole body changes, muscles and bones grow, forcing the skin to adapt to these changes. The exposure to UV rays or pollution that as a consequence have the appearance of spots, scars, wrinkles or different types of alterations that generate the appearance of old age. This is why these types of procedures are performed.

After a facial rejuvenation treatment, the decrease of wrinkles, flaccidity, scars, or any other skin alteration that generates signs of aging or looks older will be visible. Expression lines will not be easily visible, scars will decrease in size, thickness, and color; for people with sagging skin, a treatment can be applied to return the skin to its place.

Normally the skin problems are generated because of poor diet or lack of hydration of the patient, which is why if you want to improve the state or age of it is best to accompany the treatments with a balanced diet, and include in our routine at least 6 glasses of water a day, to hydrate the skin and at the time of carrying out the treatment the skin can handle and adjust to what is desired.

The results of each treatment and facial rejuvenation patient vary depending on what you are looking for, however we can ensure that with all treatments will be the best and most natural as long as they are done by a specialist who knows and has experience in these.

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