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Erbium Laser

As the years go by, there are changes in the skin of our face and body. Wrinkles and spots appear, the skin loses elasticity and changes color due to the sun's rays, pollution and poor care.

To delay or diminish the marks that remain with the passing of the years, we can resort to natural alternatives, such as dietary care, however, there are now several treatments with greater efficiency and speed, one of them is Erbium laser procedure. This procedure eliminates wrinkles, expression lines and spots with less pain, and with a faster recovery.

This type of procedure is suitable for any person of age who needs to increase the amount and production of collagen and eliminate or diminish the marks of aging, it is recommended for patients who need a quick recovery.

This treatment does not require anesthesia, with the help of erbium laser stimulates the skin to refresh the appearance and texture of the skin, also allows the removal and / or elimination of some imperfections such as warts, moles, cysts and others. Generating better results in appearance and skin rejuvenation.

The chances of scarring after an erbium laser treatment are minimal, since it is a non-invasive procedure, it generates discomfort because it is a laser treatment and in very few patients it is painful.

Pain in most patients is nil, there is a low level of discomfort and in some (very few) there is a level 1 pain, from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least amount of pain and 10 being the most.

The duration of the procedure varies for each patient, depending on the depth of the expression lines or the desired results.

In some cases it is not necessary to use anesthesia, however when the patient is very sensitive, local anesthesia is used.

For erbium laser resurfacing, hospitalization of the patient is not necessary, since it is recommended for those who do not require sufficient time or permission to take a few days off.

As it is a non-invasive procedure, recovery is quick, but some care is necessary to make the results last longer. However, recovery is very simple and the results are immediate.

After the erbium laser treatment is applied, it is preferable that the patient avoids sun exposure, swimming pools, sauna or Turkish baths for at least 2 weeks after the treatment. The specialist will give you the name of some creams that you can use after the procedure, it is necessary that the patient avoids applying exfoliating products for 4 weeks.

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