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3-5 days of rest

Breast augmentation in Bogota

Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is a surgery designed to increase the volume of the breasts in those who due to weight loss or after pregnancies have lost their previous appearance, or for aesthetic purposes. Technically it increases the volume but it is not designed to elevate them or change their shape or position and this should be very clear when discussing it with the surgeon to avoid false expectations and lack of satisfaction with the surgery.

Procedures such as augmentation mammoplasty are among the most practiced by Dr. Carlos Rivera for giving women the opportunity to increase the volume of their breasts in a natural way, with an aesthetically beautiful appearance and under the management protocols and high quality standards that this professional, certified by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery provides.

According to research, breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty is one of the most practiced worldwide for being a procedure of short duration, with a quick recovery and ideal results, as long as it is performed by a certified and experienced professional in the field of Plastic Surgery as Dr. Carlos Rivera, who with an experience of nearly 20 years has been dedicated to perfect their techniques, in order to meet the needs of their patients through breast surgery and other procedures in Plastic Surgery.

Augmentation mammoplasty is indicated for women over 18 years of age, who feel dissatisfied with the volume of their breasts, either due to low volume of constitution or loss of volume after decreases in body weight or as a result of pregnancy and lactation.

It is a surgical procedure in which silicone implants are placed to increase the size of the breasts providing a pleasant shape and appearance. This surgery achieves a harmonious and natural volume, as long as it is performed by a qualified and experienced professional such as Dr. Carlos Rivera. The patient interested in breast surgery will have different phases from the moment she arrives at the office. As a first instance, during the evaluation, Dr. Rivera will give her all the information so that she has clarity about what she can achieve with the surgery: the benefits, the quality of the implants, the brand, the model and the right size to choose, and at the same time, she can clarify all her doubts. On the other hand, Dr. Rivera will know the patient’s expectations and will guide her to make the best decision about the volume to be implanted, taking into account essential aspects such as the patient’s body shape: size of the back, thorax and mammary gland, important aspects to perform the breast surgery. The patient will receive in her interview an extensive explanation of the different types of implants, shapes and advice to choose the most appropriate for her personal case. This procedure can be performed through different approaches, such as: The periareolar route, the submammary route and the axillary route, depending on each particular case and conditions of the patient the plastic surgeon will choose the best technique for your surgery, but he must be trained to perform one technique or another, and really there is no one technique better than the other, it all depends on the patient’s specifications such as the size of the areola, the position of the gland and the amount of gland and breast tissue you have. Normally Dr. Carlos Rivera makes an incision on the lower edge of the areola through which a pocket is made, either under the gland (subglandular) or the muscle (submuscular), where the chosen implant will be placed, after being sure of its position, the suture is made with absorbable material that does not require subsequent removal.

The scars of this procedure are not noticeable, they are almost imperceptible since they are made on the lower edge of the areola, in general they are satisfactory scars.

The perception of pain varies greatly according to the patient, but it is not pain but a sensation of discomfort or weight, but there is no severe or disabling pain.

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure that lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The procedure, due to its short duration, is usually performed under general anesthesia, usually intravenous, which allows for an excellent anesthesia and recovery process.

Since this is an outpatient procedure, it does not require hospitalization. The patient will have to spend 1 hour in recovery and then she will go home.

The augmentation mammoplasty is a surgery that has a very short incapacity, between 3 to 5 days the patient will be able to return to her work and family activities since it does not generate pain but a sensation of weight that is very manageable and allows her to quickly return to her daily work.

For foreign patients the surgeon must make recommendations on the recovery time that entail stay within the city since for patient safety is requested that the patient must be at least 3 days before the scheduled date for surgery in order to take prophylaxis or preventive measures with the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist since the safety protocol indicates that if the patient comes from a trip of 6 or more hours, he/she must wait 72 hours to undergo surgery, The patient must wait 72 hours to undergo surgery, since staying still in the plane for a long time affects the circulation, and the risk of thromboembolism during the operation is higher. This simple preventive measure greatly reduces the number of complications. This prevention is advisable for those who come from Europe, West Coast of the United States, New York, Canada, Argentina or Chile, those who come from Miami, the wait is reduced to 48 hours. Once operated the ideal is that the patient does not travel before 10 days depending on the characteristics of the flight and comorbidities of the patient to avoid thrombus formation. However, the healing and recovery times are different in each patient, and each case must be individualized according to the indications of the plastic surgeon. It is important that the plastic surgeon issues a medical certification document that will be required by the aeronautics to travelers. The certificate must be issued no later than 10 days before the date of travel. When several cosmetic surgeries have been performed at the same time, the flight is postponed until 14 days after the surgery.

Immediately after the procedure you will start using a breast support specially designed for the surgery and you will have to use it permanently during the first month, day and night, and we recommend to continue using it permanently to sleep for a couple of months. As a general rule it is important to keep in mind that it is not advisable to perform any type of moderate or intense physical exercise in the following 15-20 days after surgery, which is when the stitches are removed. If the wound is healed a month after surgery, the breast no longer hurts and the swelling has gone down, you can gradually start practicing physical sports. Usually after 45-60 days you can lead a normal life and this includes lifting weights, running, aerobics, swimming or any other sport. It should also be noted that if they are outdoor sports the patient should avoid sunbathing or exposure to the sun for approximately 2 to 3 months postoperatively. It is also essential to attend punctually to the post-surgical controls with the surgeon and take medications as prescribed by the doctor.

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