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Having a flat and toned abdomen is an increasingly common concern in men and women alike. Unfortunately, it is an area where fat accumulates very easily, the person may be slim and the rest of his body is well proportioned, but often the abdominal area is prominent.

The abdominal lipectomy or abdominoplasty with laser liposuction is the effective solution for this type of aesthetic problem because it allows to eliminate the prominent abdomen with sagging skin and stretch marks and through liposuction is finished with the fat present in the waist, hips and upper, middle and lower back; it is the perfect combination to end the signs of body aging that can be caused by: Pregnancies, aging, significant weight variations, heredity and previous abdominal surgeries thus affecting our physical appearance and self-esteem.

Dr. Carlos Arango is an excellent plastic surgeon who for 20 years has provided and specialized in abdominoplasty surgery to his patients alternatives to improve some parts of the body through plastic surgery among which is the abdominal surgery or liposuction with lipectomy. It is a procedure indicated for those people who despite having an average figure, are not satisfied with the accumulation of fat or excess skin in the abdomen and do not show improvement despite dieting or physical exercise.

Lipectomy or Abdominoplasty is a surgery suitable for men and women who have had a considerable weight loss and have a lot of flaccidity and excess skin. People over 18 years old up to 60 years old. People between 61 and 70 years old must ask their doctor for authorization for the surgery. This procedure is for people in excellent health, without any mental or psychological problems and with realistic expectations of the results.

General anesthesia is used in this surgery a sufficient incision is made at the level of the underwear line, the abdominal skin and fat is elevated to allow its accommodation. The abdominal skin and fat is stretched and distributed point by point over the new abdominal wall. The excess skin and fat is then removed, and the navel is reconstructed in a more aesthetic way.

The scarring of abdominal lipectomy or abdominoplasty is something that scares patients, however the procedure leaves a good scarring, this means that after a year there will be a thin line (which varies in size according to the amount of skin to be removed), it means that it can not be seen, even if the person wears two-piece underwear or bikini, ie in the most common cases there will be a small horizontal line.

The procedure generates an intermediate pain but it is a pain of about three days and passes with the antibiotics prescribed by the surgeon.

It is a procedure that lasts from 3 to 4 hours.

The patient can go home after the procedure, but if it is a belt lipectomy for post bariatric surgery it is necessary for the patient to be hospitalized overnight and under observation.

The patient can go home after the procedure, but if it is a belt lipectomy for post bariatric surgery it is necessary for the patient to be hospitalized overnight and under observation.

On the third day the patient can move on his own and must attend the controls scheduled by the surgeon. The final results are seen two months later, since in the first 35 days there is a lot of swelling, however, the change and elimination of excess skin is seen immediately after the procedure.

After the surgery the patient is girdled and must use the post-surgical girdle permanently for four weeks, then it will be used only at night; during the first 72 hours it is normal to have serous fluid drainage. It is important to try to walk from the first day of surgery, take a normal bath and eat a healthy diet following the dietary guide provided by the surgeon. Avoid activities that demand physical effort during the first postoperative week. Also remember that it is essential to attend punctually to your post-surgical controls with the surgeon, take your medications as prescribed by your doctor. It is necessary to have post-surgical massages for three to four weeks, these are recommended to achieve a faster drainage of retained fluids, help to reduce swelling, and facilitate the recovery process.

For foreign patients the surgeon must make recommendations on the recovery time that entail stay within the city since for patient safety is requested that the patient must be at least 3 days before the scheduled date for surgery in order to take prophylaxis or preventive measures with the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist since the safety protocol indicates that if the patient comes from a trip of 6 or more hours, he/she must wait 72 hours to undergo surgery, The patient must wait 72 hours to undergo surgery, since staying still in the plane for a long time affects the circulation, and the risk of thromboembolism during the operation is higher. This simple preventive measure greatly reduces the number of complications. This prevention is advisable for those coming from Europe, West Coast of the United States, New York, Canada, Argentina or Chile, those coming from Miami, the wait is reduced to 48 hours. It is considered that passengers who have undergone this procedure may travel between 10 to 15 days after surgery because the risk of inconveniences decreases enough to not generate acute complications due to exposure to the cabin environment, however, healing and recovery times are different in each of the passengers, and each of the cases must be individualized. It is important that the plastic surgeon issues a medical certification document that will be required by aeronautics to travelers. The certificate must be issued no later than 10 days before the date of travel. When several cosmetic surgeries have been performed at the same time, the flight is postponed until 14 days after the surgery.

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